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Welcome to the City of Indianapolis/Marion County Permit, Land Use Petition & Enforcement Case Citizen Access Portal

Citizens, businesses, and visitors now have continuous online access to their city government.  We hope this efficient, convenient, and interactive link to valuable information and city services makes living and working in our community more enjoyable and productive.

Marion County Public Health Department data is no longer available in the Accela Citizen Access portal. Please visit for information regarding Housing and Neighborhood Health cases.

This site was developed to provide general information. Data contained on this site has not been reviewed for accuracy or legal sufficiency. Documents displayed on this site are for reference purposes only. The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services, the Division of Planning, the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission, the City of Indianapolis, Marion County, and its authorized agents or contractors make no warranties or representations as to the accuracy of content on this site and assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content or operation of this site.

REPORTS: Please see the list of available reports using the reports drop down in the upper right-hand corner. The report list will vary depending whether you are using the Permits and Contractors, Enforcement, Business Licenses, or Planning / Historic Preservation module tab.

For comprehensive case research, the Case Research Report and Case Summary Report provide print capability, additional detail, and more historical information for certain cases created prior to March 29, 2010.

SEARCHES: To find specific cases related to Permits, Enforcement, Planning/Historic Preservation, or Health Department, click one of the links below or tabs above.

Helpful information is also available to assist you with these pages.

Do I need a User ID and Password for this Site? 
If you are submitting an application for one of the Available Online Services, you will need to register for a User ID and password. All other activities (such as case research and running reports), do not require registration.

Available Online Services
Electrical (Permits & Contractors)
Heating & Cooling (Permits & Contractors)
Plumbing (Permits & Contractors)
Landlord Application & Registration (Licenses)
Lobbyist Registration (Licenses)
Special Events (Permits and Contractors)
Notifications for 1-2 Family & Temp Structure - (Permits and Contractors) 
Elec Certification Tag Authorization (Permits and Contractors)
1-2 Family Driveway (Permits and Contractors)
Shopping Cart for Fee Payments
Online Completion Card Submittal (Permits & Contractors)
ROW Use (Permits & Contractors)
Online Scheduling for most Building, DRV and Excavation Permit Inspections
Auto-Issuance for most HVAC Replacement Permits
ROW Excavation & Oversized/Overweight (Permits & Contractors)
Document downloads for some permit types
Online Permit Extensions for Craft Permits & STR
Wrecking Permits (Permits & Contractors)
Multi-Family & Non-Residential Structural Permits
1-2 Family Flood & Drainage Permits (Permits & Contractors)
Electrical Self Certification Tag Orders (Permits & Contractors)
Online Permit Extensions for Structural & Craft Permit Permits
Electronic Plan Review for Class 1 Structures, DRN, FLD & ILP
Multi-Family & Non-Residential Improvement Location Permits
1-2 Family Improvement Location Permits (Permits & Contractors)
1-2 Family Structural Permits (Permits & Contractors)
New! Commercial DRN and FLD Permits
New! Admin Fee Appeal Requests (Permits & Contractors)
New! Sign Permits
New! Commercial DRV w/DRN submittal







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